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Curated Cannabis Packages

Take the First Step to a Cannabis Career

If You’re Not Yet Ready to Take The Signature Program, Here’s Something for You!

Selected modules from the Holistic Cannabis Practitioner program are curated into 6 packages of 3-5 modules each, that way you can sample the signature program in smaller chunks. Here’s the list of the Curated Cannabis Packages.

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Medical Marijuana Primer

You’ve heard all the hype about cannabis, CBD, edibles, vaping & all things marijuana. And, you’re wondering how to separate the hype from the science. That’s exactly what’s delivered in this introductory package.


The Nutrition & Herbal Toolbox

Cannabis, when used with an optimal food plan & other medicinal herbs, can ramp up its effectiveness. Learn about the integration of cannabis with nutrition & botanicals for healing & how what you eat influences your endocannabinoid system. Follow the history of cannabis from a non-Western viewpoint to gain a deep understanding of how this ancient plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.


Buying & Dosing: Making It Practical

Gaining knowledge is wonderful, but putting that knowledge into practice is even better. Learn about how to reduce inflammation, which underlies most chronic disease, with cannabis. Individualize cannabis doses & target specific formats for your clients, while teaching about consuming edibles.


Healing the Top Health Conditions with Cannabis

The first, second & third reasons why cannabis is both recommended by doctors & self-medicated by users are identical. Mood disorders from everyday stress to social anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder remain the #1 reasons for cannabis use. #2 is pain & #3 is sleep disorders. Consider the people in your life who use cannabis for these health issues. Discover how cannabis can help them & your clients.


The Deep Dive: Why Cannabis Works

An advanced level package about the endocannabinoid system & cannabis pharmacokinetics – vital for educating your clients about the ancient plant’s use. Get competent about cannabis as medicine for women & in cancer. Familiar with the global opioid crisis? Learn about cannabis as an exit “drug” from opioid addiction.


Grand Slam: Cannabis & Holistic Healing

Integrating cannabis with other holistic modalities optimizes health & wellness outcomes. Take a peek into the holistic practices of acupuncture, aromatherapy, breath work, meditation & yoga integrated with cannabis. This is where the magic happens!

“A natural progression in my studies in evidence based Complementary Medicine has been to gravitate towards the paradigm shifting medical model of Functional Medicine inclusive of the Medical Cannabis movement. What better place to get an education incorporating cutting edge clinical Cannabis research science blended with world wisdom tradition knowledge from a select range of leaders, professionals and guiding mentors within their fields, than the faculty of educators for the Holistic Cannabis Academy. The knowledge gained through the outstanding curriculum has enabled me to confidently launch into Medical Cannabis education to help develop within clinical practice using a truly progressive holistic health approach.”

Scott Brown

Functional Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Cannabis, Australia