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HCA Buying & Dosing: Making it Practical

Take the First Step to Kick your Practice to the Next Level


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What this Curated Content Empowers You to Do in your Practice

Gaining knowledge is wonderful, but putting that knowledge into practice is even better. Learn about how to reduce inflammation, which underlies most chronic disease, with cannabis. Individualize cannabis doses & target specific formats for your clients, while teaching about consuming edibles.

  1. The how-to-do-it part of cannabis counseling

  2. Advice from cannabis practitioners plus a holistic-minded edible producer

  3. The ultimate real-world content to move you to the next level of practice

What You Get with this Package

  • Audio lectures with slides also provided as PDFs
  • Downloadable client education hand-out materials
  • Lifetime access to the recordings for your review
  • Links to vetted research articles & additional resources

“The Holistic Cannabis Academy has done wonders in enhancing my knowledge of cannabis as a medicine and has given me the confidence I need to move forward in educating others in my community. I have built a new cannabis company based around cannabis education for consumers and I absolutely could not have done it without the knowledge and resources that HCA has afforded me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Melissa Jackson

Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, Maryland

Here’s What to Expect in This 4-Module Package

A Physician Viewpoint: Managing Inflammation with Phillip Blair, MD

Diabetes, obesity, and other chronic inflammatory conditions are plaguing the nation. Learn how the use of industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) alters the journey toward wellness. With globalization and an internet connection, patient care is a click away. Adding telemedicine implemented by a multidisciplinary team to your clinical practice can provide your community with best-in-practice care.

Personalizing Cannabis Doses: Less Is More with Joe Cohen, DO

Learn how patients are counseled to include cannabis as part of personalized lifestyle medicine plus how others are advised to use less cannabis for optimal outcomes. More is not always better when it comes to medicating with anything including cannabis. Explore how cannabis can be titrated for an optimal, individualized amounts based on specific clients and their particular presentations. Understand the nuances of how less can be more for more effective healing.

The Many Ways to Consume with Martha Montemayor, CNC

Experience an analysis of cannabis delivery systems and tools available in today’s marketplace – smoking, vaporizing, tinctures, oils, dabs, waxes, edibles, sprays, transdermal patches and topicals. An overview of absorption mechanisms, label requirements and consumption guidelines for individualized best outcomes for clients’ specific health and wellness needs.

Packaged Edibles: Making Informed Decisions with Julie Dooley

Cannabis-infused food products – known as edibles or medibles – require prerequisites before purchasing and consuming. With no national standardized labeling laws, product label information varies. Learn how to interpret package labeling for potency and safety to insure for optimal choice and experience.