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HCA Nutrition & Herbal Toolbox

Take the First Step to Integrating Cannabis with Nutrition


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What this Curated Content Introduces You to about the Value of Integrating Cannabis

Cannabis, when used with an optimal food plan & other medicinal herbs, can ramp up its effectiveness. Learn about the integration of cannabis with nutrition & botanicals for healing & how what you eat influences your endocannabinoid system. Follow the history of cannabis from a non-Western viewpoint to gain a deep understanding of how this ancient plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

  1. Insight into the other non-cannabinoid component of cannabis

  2. Expertise from holistic clinicians, who are dynamic educators

  3. A vital introduction to terpenes, nutrition & Ayurveda

What You Get with this Package

  • Audio lectures with slides also provided as PDFs
  • Downloadable client education hand-out materials
  • Lifetime access to the recordings for your review
  • Links to vetted research articles & additional resources

“I have been really impressed by your course so far, surprised with actually how much there is to learn. It’s been totally fascinating with lots of aha moments!”

Heather Mackenzie

Internal Environmentalist, Canada

Here’s What to Expect in This 3-Module Package

The Ayurvedic + Vedic Constituents of Cannabis with Prashanti de Jager

Historically, medicinal treatments found in India have often included cannabis for physical and spiritual healing but also to maintain wellness. This module looks at cannabis through the energetic lens of Ayurveda and vedic healing practices vs the Western, allopathic model. Presented by an experienced Indian herbal healer and founder of Organic India products, this module provides a perspective often overlooked by Western medicine.

Cannabis Terpenes + Herbal Synergy with Jonathan Treasure, MNIMH

Terpenes have been overshadowed by the focus on cannabinoids, but make no mistake: they are critically important for creating the entourage healing effects of cannabis. Lending fragrance in many plants such as lemons and lavender, terpenes are also responsible for the distinctive aroma of cannabis cultivars. You’ll appreciate why an integrative approach..cannabis + other healing herbs… can result in better patient outcomes.

Food as Medicine: An Integrative Approach to Diet + Cannabis with Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN

Understanding the influence of diet in disease and healing is at the cornerstone of progressive, integrative medicine. This module delivers key principles of how nutrients influence cell health and how cannabis can play a synergistic role in disease prevention and recovery. Yes, cannabis and food are medicine!