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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Do you, like one of our current Academy students, have questions regarding: 

Industrial hemp oil vs whole plant cannabis oil?

THC + CBD synergy?

CBD tolerance + dosage?

Unless you’re an expert in the field, the chances are, you do.  And, you’re not alone.

In fact, one of the greatest challenges the medicinal cannabis community faces, is separating long-standing assumptions from science-driven fact.

In our global effort to communicate, educate, and empower individuals to make thoughtful decisions about medical cannabis, the Holistic Cannabis Academy proudly partners and works closely with its expert faculty members to bring you the answers and clarity you seek.

This week, our esteemed faculty member Dr. Philip Blair of Pro Health Advisors addresses these questions and provides the clarification you’re looking for. 

[From my understanding] “hemp oil doesn’t even begin to compare to the medicinal uses of Cannabis”. [Is this true?]

I used to have this opinion as well. Then, I started using and recommending CBD. During the last three years I have found that over 90% of patients achieve major improvements in their conditions without any significant THC contained in high quality CBD extracts from industrial hemp. There may be ways to get around the psychoactive effects of THC but the vast majority of people with whom I contact do not want anything that interferes with their cognition for any amount of time.

“The research shows that THC and CBD work together synergistically.” [Does THC need to be paired with CBD to produce desired therapeutic results?]

It is true that some research shows this and other research shows that CBD alone is very effective in many conditions. The latter is consistent with my clinical experience as well. Unfortunately, I have not had much clinical experience with THC-containing cannabis products. With those few cases the individuals were unable to tell me any details about the product they were using in terms of CBD or THC, extraction methods, analysis, purity, or consistency. Perhaps that will change with time, legislation, regulation and expense. Full product analysis from third party testing by the batch is available from high quality industrial hemp CBD suppliers like Elixinol, Inc.

We all know that people build up a tolerance to the psychoactive effects of THC but there seems to be a question as to whether people build up a tolerance to the medicinal benefits of CBD. What have you seen or read in your experience?”

“If you mean that higher doses are required to achieve the same benefits I have seen no tolerance issues with CBD. In fact, there appears to be some reverse tolerance in that users can reduce the dose by 50-75% while maintaining the same benefits.  

In addition, CBD appears to reduce the tolerance of opioids and other drugs, meaning a decrease in those drug requirements. The mechanism appears to be the modulation of opioid receptors rather than any change in drug levels of those substances. Furthermore, I have seen the reductions in addictive symptoms from opioids as well as reductions in withdrawal effects for opioids, nicotine and benzodiazepines. Recently, I learned from Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, MD, that in some cases of long duration of THC/CBD in epilepsy had sudden failure to control seizures which was corrected and resolved with skipping 4 doses of cannabis. The same occurred for one of my clients and was restored to effectiveness at a lower dose after 2 days off CBD.”

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Photo by R+R Medicinals on Unsplash