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Topical CBD (balms, oils, and lotions infused with cannabidiol) are popular with patients for offering localized relief of pain and soreness without psychoactive effects. Now research shows topical cream containing one percent purified CBD, a component of cannabis, may also help reduce damage from diseases that cause brain inflammation such as multiple sclerosis.

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In the study, CBD topical cream was used on healthy mice with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EA) – the most common form of MS. Researchers found that treatments with the CBD cream helped to reduce EA symptoms including loss of muscle function and inflammation.

“The results of this study provide further support for the potential of cannabinoids in reducing damage caused by autoimmune/inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis. More uniquely, however, they show that cannabinoids may produce beneficial biological effects even when only applied to the skin, as opposed to typical internal administration (e.g. edibles, vaping, smoking).”

Read the full study, published in Daru: Journal of Faculty and Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and titled, “A New Formulation Of Cannabidiol In Cream Shows Therapeutic Effects In A Mouse Model Of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis.

Photo by CBD Infos on Unsplash