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Dutch scientists from Maastricht University in the Netherlands have discovered that cannabis reduces feelings of anger and hostility provoked by alcohol.

“Tapping the keg of America’s never-ending violence, ‘intoxicated aggression’ spikes precipitously among drinkers, while marijuana snuffs out those same aggressive tendencies.”

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Participants were regular users of both alcohol and cannabis who on average consumed 24 units of alcohol a week and used cannabis products 4.8 times a week. For the analysis, scientists measured participants’ testosterone and cortisol levels while under the influence of either substance or placebo to determine the intensity of their aggression.

According to the researchers, “Alcohol intoxication increased subjective aggression in the alcohol group. The cannabis group in contrast experienced a reduction in subjective aggression during cannabis intoxication.”

This new study serves as important news for those who suffer from the negative consequences of alcohol. Cannabis can be a great tool to calm nerves.

Read the full study published in Psychopharmacology entitled “Subjective aggression during alcohol and cannabis intoxication before and after aggression exposure.”

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