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Helping your patient determine the most efficacious dose for his or her condition may mean suggesting a dose that is much less than thought. Dosing expert and Medical Director of Interg8 Health Dustin Sulak—who was a featured speaker at the Holistic Cannabis Summit in April—shares his findings in a recent article.

“Over time, I began to notice that most patients using small amounts of cannabis were getting better and more sustainable results than their high-dosage counterparts with similar conditions. Eventually I discovered that most people have a certain threshold dosage to cannabis, below which they’ll actually experience a gradual increase in benefits over time and above which they’ll start building tolerance, experiencing diminishing benefits and more side effects.”

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With his sensitization protocol program, which resets the patient’s endocannabinoid system, Dr. Sulak has over time decreased patients’ doses to as lows at 3-5 mg, while improving health outcomes. “This reduction not only reduces side effects—it saves patients a lot of money and potentially makes cannabis available for those with limited access.”

Photo by Enecta Cannabis extracts on Unsplash