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A Colorado hemp farm is the nation’s first to receive the US Department of Agriculture’s organic seal, paving the way for other hemp producers to receive the designation. According to a recent broadcast by KUNC, industrial hemp is eligible for certification as long as it’s grown in accordance with the Farm Bill. Medicinal marijuana is still not eligible for organic certification.

“Part of the problem is semantics. “Hemp,” “cannabis,” “marijuana,” and the plant’s countless nicknames are used interchangeably and as shorthand to denote the chemical makeup of different varieties. As it stands now, the Farm Bill makes some varieties of cannabis, colloquially known as “hemp,” federally recognized and legitimate crops as long as they’re below a THC threshold.”

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“Hemp is a low-THC variety of cannabis, meaning it won’t get you high if you smoke or ingest it, but can still contain other chemical compounds with potential medical uses. Its fiber and seeds are marketed to makers of industrial ropes, beauty products, high-end garments, and health foods.” What’s the genetic difference between hemp and marijuana? Learn more in this study, published in the journal New Phytologist, and titled “Gene Duplication And Divergence Affecting Drug Content in Cannabis Sativa”.

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash