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For millions of people suffering from immunity-related illness and their healthcare providers, this, and other critical questions deserve thoughtful consideration and understanding. Why? Because getting it right is not an option.

While this may seem like a small detail, it’s one of hundreds you and others will examine and discuss at the Holistic Cannabis Academy. If you’re looking for real information from creditable sources on topics that are important to you and your clients, we’ve got you covered.

You have questions, the Holistic Cannabis Academy has answers!

Canna-curious individuals and holistic practitioners just like you are asking all the right questions, and here’s a great example of the little gems you can uncover as a member of our Holistic Cannabis Academy community. Consider it a sneak look at the type of stimulating conversation taking place between our students and faculty in addition to the unique core training we offer. Check it out!

One of the Academy features is an interactive private Facebook page and one of our current Academy students, Ric Tyler, (who also happens to be a health coach in training), brought up a great question.  Ric was wondering about what appeared to be an inconsistency in the patient education collateral materials provided by our faculty, Prashanti de Jager, for his presentation, The Ayurvedic + Vedic Constituents of Cannabis. Prashanti’s materials stated cannabis can compromise, not enhance, immunity and that seemed, well, counterintuitive.

We literally tracked Prashanti down while trekking in the Himalayas and his ever-so-gently edited response follows below.

“First of all, thank you for your participation and secondly for your clearly astute recognition of an apparent paradox in the Ayurvedic description. Allow me to explain.

We all have some amount of vitality, and that vitality helps to keep our immunity strong. This is a standard concept in the West. We also know that there is Western science that states Cannabis supports immunity. In Ayurveda, along with the concept of vitality, there is also the concept of Ojas, which is the density of vitality/immunity.

Just as a house has a facade and a foundation, so does vitality/immunity. The support of the facade is not necessarily the support of the foundation. And here the twain – the more superficial mass-centric world view Western concept and the deeper energy-centric world view Eastern model – diverge.

Ayurveda notices that Cannabis in many forms, but not all, attenuates Ojas by drying it, and thus the density, or if you wish, the deep endurance of immunity, is diminished. Thus long term use, especially in certain forms and certain constitutions, will surely diminish immunity.  

So this is not so important in most medical marijuana situations as the treatments are, like any other herb, short in duration. In long-term frequent recreational use, however, such as either smoking or eating, this attenuation of immunity will occur, again, especially in certain constitutions.” 

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Photo by Lucas Vasques on Unsplash