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Get Ready for the New Mind/Body Fitness Workout. If you haven’t been keeping up with the vast number of research studies regarding the holistic properties of cannabis and its contributions to wellness, then this may not only delight you, but surprise you as well.

The world’s first cannabis gym will open its doors in San Francisco this November. Power Plant Fitness is a joint venture between Jim McAlpine, founder of 420 Games and Ricky Williams, a retired NFL running back.

In this new fitness paradigm, fitness club members will be encouraged to consume cannabis while exercising. This unique fitness plan aims to give both the mind and body a workout. “Interest is extremely high,” says McAlpine. “People are eager to come away from an era of prohibition and misinformation into an enlightened time where they can live their lives the way they feel is appropriate, without fear of judgment or even worse, going to jail.

Power Plant Fitness will also have a line of cannabis products that promote athletic endurance for sale. Although getting permission to let members smoke cannabis onsite is still pending approval from law authorities, vaping and edibles have already been given the green light. In addition to his new fitness club venture, McAlpine is the brains behind the highly successful 420 Games, an athletic event with posts in California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon that features a 4.20 mile run, a beer tasting garden, educational lectures and music focusing on the emotional and physical benefits of cannabis.

It’s an awesome thing to see mainstream media writing about us in such a positive light,” McAlpine said in a recent press release, “Another sign that the times are changing for the better.”

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash